How ANTI-Abstinent are you?

In today's society, abstinence is often seen as a way to "rise above" normal temptations and desires through self denial and renunciation. We are Anti-Abstinent in the sense that we do not want to limit or deny ourselves certain things in life. The higher goal in life is to EXPERIENCE IT.

It's not that one shouldn't exercise self control, but self denial is why we are Anti-Abstinent. So how ANTI-Abstinent are you? take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Anti-Abstinence Campaign

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  1. How often do you tell a lie?
  2. How much do you spend during a trip to the mall?
  3. In an evening out, how much do you drink?
  4. When not "officially" in a relationship, how often do you engage in sexual activities?
  5. How often do you curse?
  6. How often do you continue eating after you feel full?
  7. How much of a gambler are you?
  8. Somone cuts you off, what do you do?
  9. How often do you vote?
  10. How often do you eat Fast Food?
  11. How often do you use Drugs?
  12. How often do you do what you're supposed to?

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Quiz topic: How ANTI-Abstinent am I?