Are You An Anti-Semite?

When Will I Die Test

There are many prejudices in the world, but few are as prevalent and as undying as Anti-Semitism. For centuries, the Jew has been villified, persecuted, and outright slaughtered in revenge for atrocities he has never committed and these same "atrocities" are touted to this day--albeit in a more modern terminology--to explain away the bigotry and contempt that is the lot of this nation.

How about you? Are YOU an anti-Semite? Are you the sort of Jew-hating, medieval scumbag that is responsible for the proliferation of lies and terror against an innocent ethnicity? Better yet: do you THINK like one? Here's a chance to find out.

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What is your gender?
What is the basic platform of Judaism?
To follow the rules of the Bible and live a Godly lifestyle.
To convince the rest of the world to follow its dictates.
To gain control of the world so as to spread the light of religion.
How am I supposed to know?
How passionate are Jews about money?
They love it, and would sell their own grandmothers to make five cents.
They are no more passionate than anyone else.
They aren't passionate per se, but they sure love it.
Don't know. Never did business with a Jew.
Why do Jews want to live in Israel?
Because they believe they are promised it by God, and wish to lay claim on their holiest land.
To show other religious groups that they are better.
To antagonize the surrounding Arab countries.
Because they're plotting to gain enough strength to turn on their mother democracy, America.
Who knows? I never asked.
Have Jews contributed to society? (I.E. Culture, science, etc.)
No, they don't care about any country's infrastructure aside from Israel's.
Yes, but not enough to make a difference.
Yes, significantly.
Don't know.
Why is Israel building a security wall?
To make it difficult for terrorists to infiltrate.
To shut out all the Arabs.
To isolate and inferiorize all Arabs by instituting an apartheid policy.
I don't know.
Who started the recent Lebanon War?
Israel, by invading South Lebanon.
Hizbullah, by launching an unprovoked attack in which they killed several soldiers and kidnaped two others.
Israel, because they staged the kidnaping in order to appear the victim.
I don't know.
Why don't Jews eat pork?
Because it's pig meat, and they view the practitioners of other religions as pigs.
Because that's what Jewish law requires.
I don't know.
What are those boxes Orthodox Jews wear on their heads and arms during morning services?
They're called phylacteries, and are a reflection of a certain verse in the Bible.
They are a form of self-torture designed to atone for the non-Jew's misdeeds.
They disguise the horns.
How am I supposed to know?
Were six million Jews really killed by the Nazis during the Holocaust?
Yes. It is carefully numbered and documented by the Nazis themselves.
A lot less than that were killed; the Jews tout that number to manipulate world sympathy.
There was never a Holocaust.
I don't know.
How do Jews view non-Jews?
As subhuman. They would not care if thousands of other religionists were to die.
As filthy, less-worthy human beings.
As men created in the image of God who are not obligated to observe the same stringencies as they.
Don't know.
Have Jews ever consumed the blood of Christian children?
Yes. It used to be customary, but was discontinued because of negative publicity.
Yes, and they still do so on Passover, only secretly.
No. The Bible forbids Jews to consume any blood; even that of an animal.
Not sure.
Did the Jews kill Jesus?
Yes, and they will forever be deserving of death for it.
Yes, but it was a long time ago and no longer matters.
No, he was executed by the Romans for perceived rebellious talk against the empire.
I am not Christian, and it doesn't matter to me one way or the other.
I have no idea.

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