welcome to saw will you survive?

ok most people know the movie saw and wonder "would i survive"? well i know every saw episode and took some senes from different movies mainly saw 3 and added some of my own stuff

so can you survive saw when it gets extreame or will you die when things dont go your way saw is a movie about people who half to do crazy things to survive

Created by: sister of azazel

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  1. ok you are in a room with youre best friend and you must decide to lose an eye or lose youre friend forever its youre choise you decide
  2. ok he is still with you for now but he is tied to a machene that will kill him unless you dip youre hand in acid to retrive the key and unlock him
  3. he died anyways but you get youre hand chaind to a wall would you cut it off or thirst and starve to death
  4. you meet a girl traped in a room you both are locked in she has swallowed the only written combonation to the locks would you
  5. youre out but covered on blood if any liquid hits the ground you stand on it will all colaps what do you do
  6. you are on a small pice of land nothing behind you but a hot nurse is wiating on the other end of a long hallway coverd in long blades what do you do
  7. you make it to the nurse to find out she has nothing to help the cuts what do you do
  8. the nurse stayed with you did you let her live or give her the blades
  9. you see freedom but you are now in a cadge the nurse has a key but ther is also a key on the floor if she is dead the one on the floor is your only chois if she is alive you decide
  10. the nurse askes if you will free her two do u

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Quiz topic: Welcome to saw will I survive?