do u realy deserve a g.t.q account?

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gtqis a fun exiting place with all kinds of people and we are a family we care for each other but should u be in this family if u are already then stay

this quiz is for newbies to see if we want them hear or not this was a realy risky thing for me to make but i feel it was needed so whatever is sed to me is worth the sanity and peace of gtq if theres any left

Created by: sister of azazel

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  1. do u spam just for fun like random thinse sutch as gjokf or stuff in other languages?
  2. do u tend to get an atitude for no reson?
  3. do u belive in chain letters?
  4. ok would u send a chain letter?
  5. do u belive that this is the internet and u realy dont know these people and every one is valuble and needs respect?
  6. do u have a bias agenst many things? a bias is like u think all math teachers are mean eather from a bad experiance or common belifs or all cats are mean cause one scratched u
  7. do u insult peoples belifs like if ur christian and meet a satenist like myself would u puss me to belive somthing btw it wont work or say somthing related to me burning in hell?
  8. do u make extreamly long lectures over things no one cares for?
  9. are u easy to get along with?
  10. are u conceted ansewring yes to this or the last question dont count
  11. would u defend some one on this site
  12. we belive go to quiz is a family and we stick together we have a bratty little brother a loving older sister a mom even a milk lady thats a good friend theres room for u if ur willing to join so r u?
  13. most of us have problems with home or friends and our real life is pact with pain ans or drama or some of us are conciterd outcasts or freaks do u fit into this or do u think u act like us?
  14. will u do your one and only job hear and make atleast one quiz no matter how lame it is?

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