do you deserve to be bullied at?

there are many weirdos around us who get bullied and deserve it and there is others that get bullied and dont deserve it so now your gonna know wither you deserve to be bullied or not.

so if you think you get bullied for no reason or that you should get bullied try this quiz and you will be judged bby the best oh thats me btw so get started what are you waiting for.

Created by: VIP_55
  1. whats your favorite hobby?
  2. what is the most important thing to you ?
  3. which one of these is your favorite movie?
  4. whats your favorite subject to study?
  5. how much time do you spend online?
  6. do you like to eat fastfood?
  7. whats the capital of new Zealand ?
  8. who is your role model of these?
  9. do you have friends?
  10. is this quiz silly?

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Quiz topic: Do I deserve to be bullied at?