What is your "about to get an @ss kicking" rating?

This quiz evaluates your risk of receiving an @ss kicking by asking you twelve seemingly random questions. After you answer these questions it will then tally the results and give you a percentage. The test is offensive so don't take it if you're just going to whine about the insults.

How much of an @ss kicking do you deserve? Think you do not deserve an @ss kicking? It's an age old question asked by scholars and bullies alike but now, with he miracle of modern technology, you can find out the easy, pain free way of how much of an @ss kicking you truly are entitled to.

Created by: amazon
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Best starship captain?
  2. Which enrages you more?
  3. Finish the line of the song, "Somewhere..."
  4. Who played the cowboy in Peewee's Playhouse?
  5. Which one of these historical figures liked little boys?
  6. Prawns are to Australians as chips are to...
  7. If female: Do you have a Cinderella type fantasy where someone comes and takes you away to a life of endless happiness and no responsibilities? If Male: Do you fantasize about fulfilling some females Cinderella fantasy?
  8. Finish the joke: Two guys walk into a bar...
  9. If, theoretically, it was your party can you cry if you want to?
  10. All babies are cute?

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Quiz topic: What is my "about to get an @ss kicking" rating?