Do You Know Will Ferrell?

Will Ferrell Is Cool Really Cool, In my opion he is the best comedian to ever set foot on the earth thank you god for WILL FERRELL!! Kicking and screaming was okay but hey it's Will Ferrell

His Best Movies Are, OLD SCHOOL, ELF,and NIGHT AT THE ROXBURY. Take this quiz to see how you did and how much you know about Will Ferrell STILL READING TAKE THE QUIZ ALREDAY

Created by: sfhsfhsfhg
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  1. How Old Will Ferrell?
  2. Who Did He Play In Old School?
  3. Is He In The Producers?
  4. Who Did He Play In Kicking And Screaming?
  5. Who Did He Play In Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back
  6. He Made A Slight Appearence In Starsky And Hutch Who Didm He Play?
  7. Who was he in Wedding Crashers?
  8. What Is His Full Name
  9. Is He Married?
  10. Whom Does He Play In Bewitched?
  11. Who Hasn't He Been In A Movie With.
  12. Has He Ever Co-Stared With Matt Dillon?
  13. Who directed his awesome movie Elf
  14. Who Does Will mostly work with?
  15. His First Movie Was?
  16. Do You Own Alot Of His Movies On Dvd (NO AFFECT ON SCORE I SWAER TO GOD)
  17. Are You Planning On Buying Talladega Nights(NO AFFECT ON SCORE)

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Will Ferrell?