Just What Comedian Are You!

Just which comedian are YOU! Anyone that watches comedy central has to be wondering if they could make it on the standup stage. But which comedian would you be most like?!

I took the quizes like this on here. Some were good, others not so much. So I made my own. The outcomes arent just the Blue Collar guys (though they are in here) Hope you enjoy

Created by: Rob
  1. Time to go out on stage. Gotta get dressed. You wear...
  2. What are you going to talk about on stage?
  3. How will you present this information?
  4. Any props?
  5. Favorite TV show?
  6. Conservative or Liberal?
  7. Favorite News Source
  8. How's the quiz so far? (doesn't count)
  9. Are you interested in doing movies?
  10. How bout TV?
  11. Last Q! What's your view on the world?

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Quiz topic: Just What Comedian am I!