How Funny Are You

So you can take this quiz to se how much of a comedian you are!!!If you don't score well to bad and if you did congrats so have fun anyway getting your comedy up and your laughs up to so keep on trying please if you don't try again and again

Do YOU think your funny? Have you ever wondered people just laugh at your jokes so you fell good? Well heres a quiz to help you make your decision!!!Have a great time taking the test and do well being a comedian and having a future as comedian

Created by: Conor
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you tell knock knocks or other
  2. can you make people pee them selfs
  3. Can you make people get hic ups
  4. Do you remember the first time you made someone pee them selfs
  5. Can you laugh
  6. Do you like Mountain Dew
  7. Do you do it on a stage
  8. Did you like this qiz
  9. Can you joke
  10. wat do you do on a weekend

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Quiz topic: How Funny am I