What Military Rank Would You Be At War?

Although many games are based on war it is not something to joke about. War is a serious matter, and for such minor disputes. We can see this in the news. Hundreds of people die each month because of war, and trillions of dollars are spent each year. Although we do get some fun out of it.

Many people don't know what real war is all about and they play video games and think its all a joke. Once you get out there its not a joke anymore. This quiz is yes, not accurate information that they would teach a recruit, you might still learn a thing or two from this.

Created by: marco
  1. You are in a building all alone, in a hallway. From around the corner you hear voices and all you have is 1 frag grenade. What do you do?
  2. You arrive on the front lines, there are at least 20 enemy soldiers on the other side of the lines, where do you go for cover.
  3. The reason you would sign up for war is because:
  4. If you saw that your sergeant was about to be shot, and the only time you had would be to put you in front of the bullet, would you?
  5. If you were given Fire-Picket duty (watch the camp at night) and you noticed an enemy soldier scouting you would:
  6. Under heavy fire your sergeant is down and you are the 2IC (second in command), what do you do?
  7. You have been shot, but it doesn't hurt surprisingly. After the battle what do you do?
  8. What would you do if there was an entire division of troops moving in?
  9. You would use an enemy\\\'s fallen rifle in case you are out of ammo in a heavy fire zone?
  10. How would you relax yourself after a long day of patrol at your post (camp)?
  11. Middle of a field, no cover at all, enemy is advancing on you, about 5 soldiers.
  12. How many seconds do you wait before throwing a grenade?
  13. 5x + (9x * 5) = 65.
  14. It\\\'s night. What is more dangerous?
  15. Most \\\"accurate\\\" war game.
  16. Is drill (marching, attention, turning and movement, as well as dress and deportment) essential in war or is it only the combat?
  17. Against a pack of wide scattered enemies, what would be most effective.
  18. Your sergeant orders you to \\\"Hold you fire\\\", but at way at your right you see a massive flank. You try to say something but your sergeant interrupts you and tells you to keep quiet. The flank comes closer. The sergeant might not have seen them, so wh.
  19. Do you have military in your family?
  20. Would you consider joining the military?
  21. If yes for the last question, then why did you.
  22. You could die from a bullet wound in a limb?
  23. The Phenetic for H is.
  24. You are outnumbered at least 2 enemies to your comrades, and your radio is broken, what do you do?
  25. Why did you take this quiz?

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