The Military Brat Quiz

This is the ultimate Military Brat Quiz! Yeah, you go by the term "Military Brat", but find out just HOW Brat you really are! Just 20 easy questions and you'll have the answer!

A fun quiz to find out just how much of a Military Brat you really are! You knew you were one, but did you ever think it could be to a degree?? Well, it can...find out here!

Created by: Val
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  1. How many times have you moved in your life?
  2. How many DIFFERENT schools did you attend growing up (not including colleges)?
  3. What was the LONGEST you ever lived in one place?
  4. What was the SHORTEST you ever lived in one place?
  5. How many years has your mom/dad served in the military?
  6. Which branch of service?
  7. Have you lived overseas in Europe? If yes, how many times?
  8. How many years did you spend overseas?
  9. Are both parents in the military?
  10. Is your sponsor still active, and if so, do you still live (and move) with them?
  11. How many "best friends" have you collected over the years?
  12. How many of your old friends do you actually keep in contact with?
  13. Did you move more often in the middle of the school year or at the end?
  14. Where do you consider "home"?
  15. How likely are YOU to enter the military?
  16. Where is your favorite place you've lived?
  17. Boxes are used for moving, primarily. But what percentage of your house is filled with boxes on a regular basis?
  18. How long does it take you to unpack after you've moved in?

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