how much of a spoiled brat are you

There are many brats or brats that are spoiled etc. I think its time they no how much they are being b**ches. take this quiz and see if how much of a brat or how much you are being spoiled...

Do you think your nice and arent that spoiled and not so much of a brat? well lets see. take this quiz and check it out. how much of a brat you are. or how much are you being spoiled.

Created by: Maegan
  1. do you get what ever you want when you want
  2. when you get something valuable you go show it off to your friends.
  3. if you dont get what you want you wine about it.
  4. you like to share
  5. your friend gets asked out by YOUR crush you and she says
  6. your mom asks you to go to a simple thing for her while you have a friend over you...
  7. your mom wont take you and your friend some where you...
  8. your mom is really sick and you cant get
  9. you think this quiz is...
  10. your mom asks you to get something for her and you...

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Quiz topic: How much of a spoiled brat am I