How much of a spoiled brat r u?

There are lots of people out there, so are Prissy who like rich things. Sporty would rather enjoy a football. And Simple would rather get down in the dirt and have some fun.

So are you a spoiled brat? Or you know you are? Well wonder no longer. Take this quiz and you'll get the answer you've been lookin' for. In a few minutes you'll find out.

Created by: amazon

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  1. Do u have a cell phone?
  2. Do u get everythin' u want?
  3. What do u do on the weekends?
  4. What's ur style?
  5. What type of vehicle do u drive?
  6. Where do u shop?
  7. What kind of restaurant do u eat at?
  8. What's ur type of drink?
  9. Do u play sports? (Or other outdoors activities)
  10. Do u have a boyfriend?

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