Are you a spoiled Brat?

well lets say people say ur a spoild or your a bart and u don't u are! u just think people don't know who you really are! there are a lot of people who's has issues like that! belive me!

Well kets say u think ur spoiled or your a bart! but u really don't know! people keep saying things that you think are not ture this quiz hepls you discover it all!

Created by: Kellu101

  1. ur mom ask u to do chores what do you do?
  2. What would you buy if u won a lottery?
  3. Where do you decide as a family where to go on vacation?
  4. finish this semtence "When i grow up i wanna be a...
  5. do you sometimes have your own way?
  6. Where do u wanna go 4 ur dream date?
  7. your clothing motto is
  8. What would u give away in your closet?
  9. what would you bring for a 3 week vaction?
  10. U got the part for the biggest show ever what do about it?
  11. So u think ur spoiled?

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Quiz topic: Am I a spoiled Brat?