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  • What Military Rank would you be at war
    Your Result: Sergeant

    You are a soldier, you still follow orders, but now you have quite a few more people you take care of and you must make sure they get back to the rendevous point after the battle. These three chevrons just proove how much of a leader you really are

    I think I expected this result. But I'm shocked about how Captain was y second result, because I'm not a leader. Anyway, good quiz. I actually liked this one


  • I got General

    Look at me, Mr/Ms \"To good for battle\". Suit up in your dress uniform because you dont go on the front lines, you have an army of hundreds of thousands to do it for you. Just remember at this position one mistake could cost you the war

  • I got sergeant not shocked at all i would ov been shocked if i got general but yea im a good leader in life so yea and this fall im going to join the military anyway so i thoug why not take this quiz lol

  • I got general. I was hoping that I would just get private because I want to be a sniper in the army.

  • I got Sergeant.
    Second was private.
    Third was desceased.
    It was an okay quiz.
    I rated up just to let yo know.

  • hm. . i got genaral but im a good scout mixed with stagigist and sniper(i`m very sneaky :p)


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