How hard for the Coast Guard are you?

There are a lot of quizes out there to devoted to all the military services, but not surprisingly, not many about fifth military branch, the United States Coast Guard. Untill now.

Test your knowledge of the United States Coast Guard. How much do you know about America's oldest maritime military service (sorry Navy, we were here first!)

Created by: Beach Swanson
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  1. What year was the U.S. Coast Guard created?
  2. Who is the "father" of the Coast Guard?
  3. How many districts make up the U.S. Coast Guard?
  4. What rate was the first Master Chief Petty officer of the Coast Guard?
  5. The Coast Guard racing stripe is canted at how many degrees?
  6. Which of the following are current U.S. Coast Guard rates?
  7. The U.S. Coast Guard Academy was founded in what year?
  8. Modern U.S. Coast Guard surf stations are derived from which old government agency?
  9. Which famous person served in the U.S. Coast Guard?
  10. Rescue 21 is part of what?
  11. Which is the title of an Xbox video game about a Coast Guard Boarding Team Member?
  12. Finish the lyrics to "Semper Paratus" "From_______to______"

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Quiz topic: How hard for the Coast Guard am I?