Are you a comedian?

You most probably know someone awfully funny. Or, maybe, you think you are the funniest person you know. Though there is a difference between a funny person, and a comedian. Sometimes even in just the smallest things we do, like sneeze. :p

Are you a comedian? Maybe you are and never made the connection. Well now you can find out. I hope you enjoy this fun and silly quiz, and that you laugh and have fun and maybe pick up some tips about being a comedian.

Created by: Cathy
  1. Your teacher asks, what your favorite thing is. How do you answer?
  2. You have just been called to receive an award! The stage, is pretty far away from your seat. How do you make your entrance and receive your award?
  3. How good are you at impressions?
  4. Let's say someone was teasing you. What is the most likely way for you to respond?
  5. How spontaneous are you?
  6. Do you get nervous or anxious when things aren't going well?
  7. What do you do when you hear music?
  8. What's your favorite number?
  9. Let's say someone was high fiving people. But, they accidentally missed you. How would you react?
  10. What's your favorite animal?
  11. How do you introduce yourself to someone you've never met before?
  12. Let's say someone trips and falls over their own feet. It looked like it might've hurt, but it also looked pretty funny. How do you react?
  13. If you had an elephant trunk, what would be the best thing about it?

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Quiz topic: Am I a comedian?