r u a steriotypical emo

ok i am trying to prove that everyone ia some what a steriotypical emo so you cant judge me or my friends altho you may not be emo you still can relate some what i no

are you the steriotypical emo or do you insult something that u are and dont realize so take this quiz to see if you have a rite to insult or if you are

Created by: sister of azazel

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  1. do u own a razor blade
  2. do u cut ur self?
  3. do u cry alot
  4. do u listen to emo music
  5. do u write poems?
  6. does anyone understand u?
  7. do u own a diary
  8. r u antisocial
  9. do u try to harm urself dayly
  10. do u read a lot stay n ur room alot
  11. do you have "emo hair"
  12. r u realy realy skinny

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