How do you do in school?

This has insulting rankings that insult you because their insulting and you shall be insulted by them. So now that I've warned you don't take them personally or I will rate down on all your own quizzes. Yeah that was a joke. And seeing as I still have another stupid paragraph to do I'll do this:

Why does there have to be two paragraphs? Oh, and what about that limit? HOW THE FUK IS THAT NECCESARY? Really, just throw in a few more fuking limits to the world, why don't you.

Created by: Ziggy05
  1. The clock is only on the one o'clock mark. School lets out at 3 and you've had your lunch but your still really, REALLY hungry. What do you do?
  2. Well, schools out. But the teacher gave you a TON of homework. A TON. You don't know why- maybe it was because of the drink you spilled on the carpet 'accidentally' yesterday, or the rat you placed in Mrs.Cientist's desk, but for some reason, you seem to be the only one with this much homework. You look out the window and see all your friends hanging out a few metres away, teenagers chilling in the park, and girls and boys shopping together at the Mall. How do you react to this?
  3. The consequences for not doing your homework involve community service, detention and MORE LOUSY HOMEWORK! What do you do?
  4. After your detention, the teachers have been being even more unfair on you particularly, and been watching you VERY closely. They are even blaming anything anonymous on you! You try to argue that if their watching me the entire time a can't POSSIBLY of done it, but they don't listen and they just give you more detentions for argueing with the teachers. So now, you've got enough detention time to see you through until the end of school and university, so when the holidays come, your quite relieved. What do you do now?
  5. Aww man... Your holidays are over and its time for your test! Your stuck on just one question: What is the smartest animal. You watch the clock tick, and you decide to come up with a list: Heres what you came up with, what do you choose?
  6. Well, the results are back. You see you've gotten a B+. Thats pretty good. Then you realise you haven't opened your report yet! You rip it open in the middle of class and read it silently.
  7. The next morning you get up for school to find it all covered in mud and dirt. Then you remember- you accidentally left the washing basket outside yesterday- and your school uniform was covering it! Now you don't have a uniform, what do you do?
  8. Your having a little bit of day dream about graduating from high school. In this dream, what is your speech?
  9. Your walking passed the tables full of laughing, chatting people and listening as people yell names at you: What are they calling you?
  10. Last question: The question everyone hates: Will you rate/comment? >:) (What, I warned you!)

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Quiz topic: How do I do in school?