How much do you hate school?

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Hello! It's my first quiz, hope you like it. Take this quiz and check how much do you hate school. I hate school 100% :P For some people, school is fun and for some school is like hell xD Happy boring tiring school life! XP

There are total 20 questions in this quiz. You must answer them honestly, I'm sure you will... Let's get started. P.S. I'm forced to write- how did GoToQuiz know. xD

Created by: Azka
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  1. When you get up in the morning, what is the first thing that comes in your mind?
  2. When you arrive at school, what comes in your mind?
  3. Do you sleep in class?
  4. How many teachers do you hate?
  5. How many percent do you have fun in school?
  6. Are you among the few students with the highest attendance in school?
  7. Are you a teacher's pet? :P
  8. After lectures, do you go to the teacher with doubts?
  9. Do you often pass comments on your teacher?
  10. Do you act stupid in class?
  11. Are you more friendly with teachers rather than students?
  12. How often do you use foul language in school?
  13. Do you rush in class to grab the front seat before anyone else?
  14. Are you liked and respected by your classmates?
  15. Do you study hard for every test or quiz the teachers take?
  16. Do you feel sad, that one more school year is over?
  17. Would you prefer to be at school or at home?
  18. What do you hate the most about school?

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Quiz topic: How much do I hate school?