Does she like you

Alot of people try to be liked. some are and some arent.If she likes you you gotta chance. Or maybe you dont. Its up to how you carry yourself to know how she thinks of you.She can like you or hate you. do you know how she feels try this quiz/duh i hate doing all this typing it makes me wana cry check out my quiz and let me know whatyou think it could make your life better or worse shell dieceide that so yah have fun i hateeee typing

Do you thuink she likes you more than just friends, or does she even know who you are. i hate doing all this typing my hands really hurt and if this doesnt work im am not going to finush this quiz im in school and dont have thetme oh jeeez man do i have 150 qwords yet

Created by: drucki

  1. Do you flirt with her
  2. Does she smile when she talks to you
  3. Does she talk about you with her friends
  4. Do you hang out with her alot
  5. Do you like her
  6. have u guys talked about relationships
  7. Does she have a bf
  8. Do you have a gf
  9. Have you guys dated in the past
  10. Have you said she looks very nice at all lately
  11. have she or u asked the other person out yet

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