How Emo Are You?

There are alot of scene kids around lately. To be honest.. they're getting a little bit annoying... Which ones are emo, and which arent?? Which one are you?

Are You emo? Are you one of societies outcasts?? Do you not fit in? Or do you HATE all emo's with a passion??? Do you wish they'd all realise that life is for living, not for sitting in a corner, crying about all the little things

Created by: Shornie of Shornie Is So Hardcore
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  1. You have dyed your hair black
  2. You cut your hair short and spiky... and did it yourself
  3. You have a long fringe that covers one eye and you wear thick black eyeliner every day
  4. You listen to bands like My chemical romance, Hawthorne Heights, The used and Simple Plan, and think you can relate to what they are singing?
  5. You cry for no reason in your room while listening to depressing music
  6. You slit your wrists
  7. You show people your scars
  8. you wear tight clothes
  9. None of your photos that you take of yourself show your face
  10. You think everybody hates you

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Quiz topic: How Emo am I?