Dolley Madison Wins the Popular Vote

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You will need to have a copy of the passage titled Dolly Madison in order to answer these questions. Be sure to look back in the passage for text support.

Created by: Berryheart
  1. The reader can tell Dolley Madison was confident that-
  2. What evidence from the selection shows that Dolley Madison was brave?
  3. How did Dolley Madison influence members of congress?
  4. Which sentence shows that Dolley Madison did not consider herself more important then others?
  5. What lesson does the author want the reader to learn from "Dolley Madison Wins the Popular Vote?"
  6. What phrase can be used to describe Dolley?
  7. What is the best summary of paragraph 3?
  8. Read this sentence from paragraph 10: "Dolley Madison earned the popular vote when she won the hearts of American people." The author's use of figurative language in this sentence shows that-
  9. Which sentence provides the best evidence of the historical time period of the selection?
  10. In paragraph 3, the word "epidemic" means-
  11. What literary devise does the author use in paragraph 1?
  12. (Last question!) The portrait of Dolley Madison shows-

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