Are You Going to Hell?

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A lot of people fear death do you? I don't and nether should you so take this quiz to see if youre realy afraid of nothing I didn't title it are you going to heaven because most would say no way to it.

Are you realy so evil you must go to hell or do you just mess up once in a while cause youre human and its normal to mess up some so see if its just natural or you realy have a problem whitch I highly doubt cause there few people who are truly mean without cause?

Created by: sister of azazel

  1. How often do you sin a day?
  2. Are you holding a grudge on anyone?
  3. Do you hate anyone?
  4. Have you ever killed on purpose animal are human.
  5. Do you have any religian what so ever?
  6. Do you consider your self mean?
  7. Have you ever intintionaly haremed your self.
  8. Do you no what genosis is?
  9. Ok do you acnolage genosis.
  10. Have you ever drank blood?
  11. Do you no who azazel is?
  12. Have you ever stolen somthing of grate value.
  13. Do you think your going to heaven?

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Quiz topic: Am I Going to Hell?