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RESPONSIBILITY MAKES A MAN PERFECT.. isn't it???? There are variety of styles in common... different styles,looks,passion.... lets check your responsible level guys.. RoCk GuYyZzZzzzzzzz......

ARE YOU RESPONSIBLE IN YOUR LIFE? do u know how much responsible are you????? DOnt Worry guyzzzz...every problem have a solution and try to find... THis quiz will help you to a great xtend.... so goal it........

Created by: RIDHIMA
  1. Responsibility is a part of good life.. What is your opinion?
  2. If a task is assigned to you.. Will you finish it in time specified?
  3. If anyone asks for a help such as to reach your book him/her immediately on a time... what will you do?
  4. If you are unable to help him/her because of situation,what is your next step?
  5. If anyone approaches you for help,what will you do first?
  6. Are you worried about your own duties and responsibilities?
  7. Who is an ideal man in your view?
  8. which is more practical-duties/responsibilities/own matter?
  9. which is more practical-duties/responsibilities/own matter?
  10. "responsible man is a good role model to society" will you agree?

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