Are You an Eskimo?

Disclaimer: The author in no way holds responsibility for emotional damages brought upon the outcome of the respected evaluation. By completing the evaluation, the taker agrees, while understanding that the Anti Eskimo League of America holds no responsibility under Article 3 Sub 54.ii. The taker also understands that this is all a joke.

Eskimos- An arctic being who is both immoral and evil in almost every way. Bent on taking over the world, creating bases of operation all over the world. With Central Command in Alaska, the Eskimos have puppets in Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, South Africa, Cuba, and a house in South West San Francisco. In recent news, France fell out of Eskimo control after the election of a new president.

Created by: Ryan

  1. Do you have Brown Eyes?
  2. When smiling, do you have Asian, or slanted eyes?
  3. Is your hair a dark color? example: Black and Brown
  4. Have you, do you, or do you ever plan on living in an area that has a cold climate?
  5. Do you own a puffy Jacket, or have ever worn one and felt "comfy". AKA a winter Jacket. Also, anything made from the skin of baby seals will count.
  6. Are you somewhat short?
  7. Do you have a dark skin tone? A tanish color will do.
  8. Does your home state (if not from US, then replace State with country) have a water border with the Pacific Ocean?
  9. Have you, Do you, or do you ever want to own a dog big enough to pull a sled?
  10. Are any of your close friends Eskimos or Native Americans?
  11. Do you eat seafood?

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Quiz topic: Am I an Eskimo?