The Eskimo Quiz

If you like taking quizzes, then boy do I have one for you. Have you ever wondered what draws you into taking them? Do you want to find out more about why they exist and how you can make your own?

Take a look at what I've made! Please answer each question without putting too much thought into he answer. Go with your first answer. I think you'll be suprised to learn what I have to say about this kind of thing.

Created by: Carlos of
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  1. Which computer are you using right now?
  2. How many online quizzes/surveys do you typically fill out per week?
  3. Why do you enjoy taking online quizzes or surveys?
  4. Do you have any anxiety about what your score will be at the end of this quiz?
  5. What time of day is it now?
  6. How did you meet Carlos the Eskimo?
  7. What do you think about him?
  8. Is he in your top friends list?
  9. How many questions is too many questions for a quiz to be?
  10. Do you want to quit this quiz?

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