are you bie straght r gay

have you ever wonderd if youre realy straght actuly bie or gay or are you just bored out of ur mind and needed somthing to do?well take this quiz its fun and kinda humorus

what are you are yyou straght or bie or posibly gay of do you know what you are ive ben all3 at some point in my life bie now and i think ive found what i truly am have you

Created by: sister of azazel
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. ok same old question you always get asked do you feel sexuly atracted to youre on kind
  2. if youre a girl what does youre wordrobe MOSTLY contain
  3. if boy same question
  4. glitter
  5. speak
  6. foods you eat
  7. hi
  8. blood
  9. have you ever did youre own kind
  10. why did you take this quiz

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Quiz topic: Am I bie straght r gay