A Hogwarts love story: The philosophers stone(part 9)

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This is part 9 of the Philosophers Stone. It's still Christmas holidays at Hogwarts and falling in the Black Lake while it is snowing is the least of your problems.

Draco is in your mind and on your mind, but for the wrong reasons. It seems that there are some issues that are needed to be sorted out because of the kiss under the mistletoe; luckily though there is someone to clear your mind of it.

Created by: spotty dinosaur

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  1. You woke up early the next day to the sounds of Ron and Harry downstairs. ”Finally you’re up.” A voice said. You were startled and scared about the voice, which sounds kind of like Draco’s, is speaking to you inside your head. “Don’t be scared. It’s just the bracelet; I can hear your thoughts and you can hear mine, as long as you’re wearing it. Just speak to me with thoughts, just like the bracelet says.” “Draco?” You asked. “Yep, and you’re _______, remember?” He said jokingly. “Funny. So what are you doing today?” You asked him. “Hmm.....Nothing really, most of the cool Slytherin’s are away for Christmas.” “Maybe we could hang out together?” “Sorry, but I can’t stand another day with those Gryffindor’s.” “Fine; what about if I hang out with you? I’m sure that they won’t miss me too much. We can meet by that tree by the Black Lake.” You could sense that he felt uneasy, nervous even. “Something wrong Draco?” “No, umm...it’s.... nothing.” You could sense a little bit of regret now; all you could think of is why he was feeling like that.... and then you remembered the tree. “It’s the tree....isn’t it? Where we were a couple of days ago when it was snowing; then mistletoe started to grow...” “No, it’s not that, it’s just-“ You cut him off before he could say anymore. “It’s just...that you shouldn’t have done that?! IS that it?! Am I just another Gryffindor that the Slytherin’s despise? Look I know you’re in Slytherin and I’m in Gryffindor-the two enemy houses.....but sometimes I wish.....I wish that it didn’t matter-especially to you!” “No, __________, that’s-“ You interrupted him again. “DRACO! I think it’s just best if we don’t talk anymore......like Gryffindor’s and Slytherin’s are meant to do.” You said trying to hold back the tears; before he could even answer back you took the bracelet off, put it in a draw next to your bed and slammed it shut.
  2. You stayed upstairs crying for a little bit, before wiping away the tears and finally going downstairs to see what the commotion was about. When you got to the bottom of the stairs all you saw was Harry’s floating head and Ron was just sitting there amazed-but not worried, there was clearly something wrong with him if he didn’t find it weird. “Wha...What’s happened to Harry? His body where is it?” You worriedly asked them. “It’s Harry’s Christmas present.” Ron said. “What’s Harry’s Christmas present?” You asked still confused. “A cloak of invisibility.” Harry said happily. “Where did you get it from- Who did you get it from?” You asked puzzled. “I found it by the tree this morning...” He said as he pointed to the Christmas tree in the common room, “It came with a note, but it didn’t say who it was from. It said that my father left it in the person’s possession before he died and that it was time it was returned to me.” “Curious.....They’re incredibly rare.” “That’s what I said.” Ron stated, “A rather cool gift.” “Speaking of gifts.....how come you aren’t wearing that “Beautiful Slytherin bracelet” Draco got you.” Harry said slightly mimicking your voice. “Umm...I...err...I’m going to go to the library, you know, look for some stuff about Nicholas Flamel.” You said in an uneasy voice, and walked quickly out of the common room to the library. Once in the library you took down loads of random books, some about potions, Herbology, Magical creatures, not even knowing whether they have any relevance to Nicholas Flamel and piled them around you on a table. You flicked through each book not even reading it properly, just muttering to yourself about Draco. Every time you finished a book, you just got up and took another one down and continued ranting on to yourself about Draco, after a couple of hours you probably went through every book in the library. Soon you tired yourself out so you left the books on the table and went to a quiet area where you were sure no one would find you, sat down and had a nap. Nobody woke you up, so you slept for ages until something tripped over you, but you couldn’t see anything except that it was the middle of the night and no one was left in the library-everyone should be in bed. What do you do?!
  3. You quickly got up and tried to make your way out of the library in almost complete darkness, there was light coming from somewhere and you took that as your cue to hurry up and get back to the common room. You made it out of the library, lucky you knew exactly where to go from there to get back to the common room-even in the dark. You were just about to turn the corner that would get you straight to the staircases and in less than 5 minutes you would be in your bed in the Gryffindor common rooms, like you were never out of bed; and then you heard Filch’s cat and most probably Filch’s footsteps coming from around the corner that you needed to go down. You quickly turned around and ran back down where you came, past the library and down an unknown corridor. You were completely lost but you were aware of Snape and Quirrell coming towards you because you could hear them. The voices were getting closer and closer, so you quickly but silently ran down the corridor, where you found a door and quickly went through hoping that some miracle happened and you found a shortcut back to the common room.
  4. It wasn’t. You turned around to see a big dark empty room, well it was almost empty, there was just one big mirror standing in the middle of the room. It was a strange looking mirror but you were curious to see it up close; so you silently approached it. The mirror was quite big and had strange words engraved around the top, they read “Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi” The words seemed like some foreign language to you, but still you moved closer and soon found yourself looking into the mirror. In the mirror you see yourself, but not as a reflection of what you really look like at the moment, as well as yourself you see others; the people aren’t even with you. You look down at yourself just to check that you haven’t changed, you look around yourself to check that the people that you see haven’t magically appeared, nothing has changed-no one else is there. You gaze once more at the mirror and try to make sense of what you see.
  5. You’re standing there smiling in a Quidditch uniform, with a broom and a golden snitch in one hand and a plaque with your name down as Gryffindor Seeker. Draco is in a Gryffindor robe talking and laughing with Oliver, Neville, Harry and Ron-they're all friends. Harry isn't in a Quidditch uniform. “Is Harry the back-up Seeker?” You whisper as if they can hear you. They shook their heads as if they had no idea what you were on about. “I’m the Gryffindor Seeker?” You whisper again. They nod their heads as if there wasn’t any other person that could have been Seeker. You look to Draco and said, “You’re not in Slytherin.........?” He shook his head and his face had a look on it that said that he was horrified that you would think he would be-like any other Gryffindor would have done. You turned to everyone else and asked, “You are all friends with Draco....?” Oliver, Harry, Ron and Neville all put their arms around Draco, in a sort of friendship hug as to answer your question.
  6. You could have stood there for longer looking at the reflection and trying to work out what it means and why you see it; but someone came through the door and afraid that it was a professor you ran behind the mirror because there was no other way to escape apart from the door you just came through. You watched the door open and close but saw no one come through; then out of thin air Harry appeared. He must have been using his cloak of invisibility to go to the restricted section in the library, tried to escape the professors and ended up here. You stayed hidden though and watched as Harry discovered the unique mirror; he stood before it like you and read the inscription before looking into it. He must have looked in it long enough to know that something wasn’t right and looked around to see if the things in his reflection were there, then looked back in the mirror; you knew he saw his parents because he questioned aloud to the mirror like you did. Once he finished looking at the mirror he started to put the cloak back on, when you came out from behind the mirror. “_______, what are you doing here....? Harry asked. “Slept in the library till lights out and came in here trying to escape the professors. What about you, what are you doing here, I mean I have an idea, but I want to know if I’m right.” You questioned him. “Went to go check the restricted section with my new cloak, but Filch heard me and here I am.” “That’s what I thought. Harry, does this mirror show?” “It showed me...my parents.” He said happily. You thought that it would be best if you didn’t tell him what you saw so just decided on saying, “Oh. Harry, I think we should go back to the common room.” “Yeah, I think you’re right. I’ve got to show Ron this mirror, come on and get under the cloak; I think we can make it back.” You went over to Harry and he put the cloak of invisibility over you both, together you then went back to the common room. Once you were back you went to bed while Harry said that he wants to go show Ron the reflection of his parents. Do you feel bad about not telling Harry what you saw?
  7. In the morning you get up early for once, to the sight of snow drifting to the thick blanket on snow that has already settled on the ground. You went and got into your Gryffindor jacket and scarf, got your owl and went outside in the snow. You were walking in the courtyard with your owl when you saw Harry and ran over to him to speak to him. “Hey Harry...” You said and then turned and stroked his owl, “Hello Hedwig.” “Hello to you too ________. What are you doing today?” Harry asked. “Well, I was going to take my owl to the Owlery , but then I thought that it might like to fly there instead. What about you?” “I was going to let Hedwig go out flying too, maybe not to the Owlery but I guess that they could fly there together.” He said and gestured towards your owl. You stood side-by-side to each other with your owls on your arms; and together you let your owls fly away together. You watched them fly over the castle and then you walked back towards the common room. “I found out what that mirror shows.” Harry said rather sadly. “Oh. Well....how did you find out?” “Well, when Ron said that he didn’t see my parents, it meant that it didn’t show them. Ron thought that it showed the future because he was so happy with what he saw, but my parents are dead so it couldn’t have...” He said rather depressed, “He left soon after but I stayed and continued looking at the mirror; then Dumbledore found me, he wasn’t angry, but asked me if by now that I knew what the mirror showed, when I said I didn’t he explained it to me.” “What did he say it showed?” You curiously asked. “He said it showed your hearts deepest desire, but the mirror will be moved to a new location tomorrow and we mustn’t go looking for it. He also said that it’s not good to dwell on dreams.”
  8. “Really...” You said but sounded if you were in your own world. “Yeah. Did you look in the mirror?” “Umm.......yeah...I did...” You uneasily said. “What did......what did you see...?” “Ahaha.......ahem...I rather not say, not right now anyway. I’ve um..... I’ve got to go. Bye Harry.” You said as you waved to harry and walked off. You were walking around the castle and you were quite happy until you saw the last person that you wanted to see: Draco. He saw you to and called out your name with a sorry smile on his face. You glared at him and walked in the opposite direction, he called out to you again and asked you to stop; no doubt was he following you but you continued walking and found Oliver on the Quidditch pitch again, it was almost like he lived on the pitch. “Hello _______” He called out to you in his Scottish accent. “Hi Oliver, are you always on the Quidditch pitch?” “Mostly, I find that if someone ever needs me they’ll know where to find me if I’m always here.” “Clever idea.” You said and smiled at him, which made him smile back at you. “Ever flown in the snow _________?” He asked holding his broom. “Never.” You replied. “Well, there’s a first time for everything. Why don’t you come flying with me?” “I would love to, but my broom is back in the common room.” “No problem; you can just come on my broom with me.” He offered smiling. You looked behind you and saw Draco on the end of the pitch probably waiting for you to leave Oliver so he can talk to you; you didn’t feel like talking to him though and getting on the broom would be a way to escape from him, besides you couldn’t say no when Oliver was smiling at you like that. You looked back at Oliver who had mounted his broom, but was still on the ground, even if you said no he was still going to go by himself. Are you going to say yes?
  9. “Umm.....sure.” You said as you climbed on the broom behind him and wrapped your arms around his waist so you don’t fall off. “Make sure you hold on tight.” He said and kicked off the ground. You were sure that you shot into the air faster than a bullet and practically squeezed Oliver for fear of falling off and closed your eyes. Even though you did have experience flying on a broom, you’ve never been behind someone and that made the experience so much more exciting. Once you were just gliding in the air, you loosened your grip and opened your eyes. You were flying high above the school, from where you were you could see how massive it really was, you never really realised the actual size of the castle until now; the ground was still a blanket of snow except for you could see people standing and having snowball fights. He then glided down towards the Black Lake, you were literally flying inches above it and you were staring at your reflection. You were smiling and were genuinely enjoying yourself, while Oliver just looked focused and apart from that had no expression on his face; but that wouldn’t do. You took one arm off of Oliver and let your fingers skim the water beneath you, then you put your whole hand in and flicked some water into Oliver’s face, it was like he snapped out of a trance. He looked behind his shoulder at you and was smiling and laughing, you seemed to get lost in each other’s eyes and since he wasn’t concentrating the broom went straight into the water. The water was freezing even when it wasn’t snowing, so now it is just painfully numbing, but you didn’t mind as much you were having fun. You both resurfaced and you got back on the broom first, Oliver was about to sit back in front of you but you pushed him back in the water, “What was that for?” He asked “Just thought I might fly for a bit; that and I thought that instead of being focused on how you’re flying and where you’re flying you just need to enjoy the ride.” You said and offered your hand to help him back onto the broom. “Make sure you hold on tight.” You said mimicking his voice, and took off into the sky. You were wet, cold and snow was still falling from the sky, but the warmth from Oliver was enough to make you forget about that.
  10. You continued going around the Black Lake and over the school, Oliver looked like he was starting to enjoy just the ride and soon you were back at the Quidditch pitch. You stepped off the broom reluctantly breaking Oliver’s grasp, and you soon felt the cold at its best and your teeth started chattering. “That was ffffunnnn.” You said with your teeth still chattering. “We’ll have to do it again sometime.” Oliver said with a smile even though he was most probably freezing too. “As long as we don’t go near the Black Lake.” “Ha-ha, deal. You better get back to the common room and get warm, you’re absolutely shaking.” You both said bye and you went back to the common room to get some dry clothes and sit in front of the fire. You were warming your hands from the heat of the fire and had completely forgotten the argument you had with Draco, because the flying experience of Oliver was what you were thinking about, until Ron came in through the portrait and made you remember. “How’s your Christmas been _________? Ron asked suspiciously whilst walking round the common room, not looking at you. “Good... Yours?” You replied. “Good. Seen any mistletoe...?” He asked while glancing at you. “Maybe....why?” You asked cautiously. “Fred and George told me that you kissed Malfoy under the mistletoe.” “And how do your brothers know this, may I ask? You asked irritated. “They saw you. They were in the castle.” “What were they doing there? I saw them hiding before the mistletoe started growing from the branch. Besides...it doesn’t matter it meant nothing to me.....he’s just another Slytherin...

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