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thay are so many guss the lyrics quiziz it gets kinda boring so i have created a guss the song quiz you get about one sentance then fill in some then get the rest and so on

can you finish the lyrics do u realy know emo music or are you just a poser find out heare its a whole song and only one song do you think you can figure it out?

Created by: sister of azazel

  1. ok you know who shine doun and chivail is
  2. have you heard ANY of there songs
  3. wrap ( ) send me on my way still smileing maby thats the way i should go straght into the mouth of the unknown
  4. ive sed it so many times i ( ) no never mind god knos i try
  5. call me a sinner call me a saint tell me u(R) ( ) id still love you the same
  6. call me youre favorite call me the worst( )i dont want you to hurt
  7. its all the same to me so ill ( )
  8. ill always keep you in mind you heald my ( )
  9. what is the name of that song i you just read
  10. who is the song from

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