Do You Know The Lyrics To Evanescence's Songs? Part 1

Evanescence is a band where the lead vocalist is Amy Lee who is also trained to classically play the piano.I'm pretty sure that they formed in Little Rock, Arkansas.

So do you know the lyrics to My Immortal Bring Me To Life and Going Under?Oh and just saying this quiz is one of the few that have nothing to do with Dragon Ball Z.

Created by: Amy

  1. '' How can you see into my eyes...'' [ Bring Me To Life ]
  2. '' Now I will tell you....'' [ Going Under ]
  3. '' I'm so...'' [ My Immortal ]
  4. '' Now that I know what I'm ...] [ Bring Me To Life ]
  5. '' ..... tears I've cried'' [ Going Under ]
  6. '' When you cried....'' [ My Immortal ]
  7. '' ... my blood to run'' [ Bring Me To Life ]
  8. '' Don't want your hand this time...'' [ Going Under ]
  9. '' I've tried so hard to tell myself...'' [ My Immortal ]
  10. Bonus Question! '' Don't turn your back on me! I won't be...'' [ Faint, Linkin Park ]

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Quiz topic: Do I Know The Lyrics To Evanescence's Songs? Part 1