are you an over perfectionist

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do you crave perfection and need every thing in order like the spider making its web every line is exact doun to the very inch in all its beauty of its web so are you a human spider?

do you need things perfect with a side of low self comfidence? and it dirves you crazy? if so take this quiz to see if its normal or if you have O.C.D

Created by: sister of azazel

  1. if you are making a coin roll will u count extra to make shure its correct?
  2. do you try to make things match perfectly like the curtians in your home is the exact same as the carpet?
  3. will clean everything if someone comes over even if its already clean?
  4. if you write a speech will you ask multiple people if its perfect then posibly still re do it?
  5. do you stress over small errors?
  6. will you not comment on this ouiz because u may say somthing wrong?
  7. if you own a pet would others conceter it over pamperd?
  8. if going to the store will it take more time picking the perfect produce than it does going to the store?
  9. does the word mess bother you
  10. do you take more than one shower a day?

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Quiz topic: Am I an over perfectionist