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  • Your Fragon Story part 2
    [published: Jul 18, 2020]

    The time has come for part two. the knightmare died the first time, but at the cost of all of his……

  • Your Fragon story. (part 1)
    [published: Jun 29, 2020, 1 comment]

    Fragons. Fairy dragon creatures that live together on their own planet. ladys, i prezent to you: the……

  • How well do you know the legend of zelda Ocarina of time?
    [published: Jun 28, 2020]

    How well do you know The legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time? do you even……

  • Randomness quiz.
    [published: May 24, 2020]

    are you tired of me repeating myself already? are you tired of me repeating myself already!? are you tired of……

  • the EEVEE test, yo.
    [published: May 24, 2020, 1 comment]

    Do you know pokemon? more specifically, do you know eevee? how mutch do you know? or, are you a fraud? lets……

  • What PBEMDAS operation are you?
    [published: May 21, 2020]

    Whitch one of the order of operations are you? do you like math? (dont worry. this quiz has no……

  • Guess the song lyrics
    [published: May 14, 2020]

    this is my second quiz! try my first quiz on eeveelutions if you can find it. i have to type a bunch.……

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