Are you depressed or just sad? Lets find out!

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You are wondering if you are depressed or sad? Well you can take the quiz right here but just going to say that but all been said good luck and have fun

And remember that you are beautiful, unique, strong, brave, kind and sweet! ❤ and no matter what you are still beautiful and brave to me and ofc good enough too

Created by: Kasumi

  1. Have you been stressed lately?
  2. Have you ever think about deaths or sucidal
  3. Have you been sad lately?
  4. Do you feel like ur alone and no one is there for you?
  5. Do you feel like you don’t belong here in this world?
  6. Do you ever talk to urself? Like it’s your only best friend?
  7. Have you been cutting urself?(I’m sorry if it’s too personal)
  8. Have you been fake smiling?
  9. Do you think you look beautiful?(Because I think you look beautiful just the way you are!❤)
  10. Is ur room all dark? Just Pitch black? And nothing else...?

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Quiz topic: Am I depressed or just sad? Lets find out!