Guess the song lyrics

this is my second quiz! try my first quiz on eeveelutions if you can find it. i have to type a bunch. theirs about home local date size fat bazooka building cop car. (typing words that apear in the spell check)

paragraph 2! Version seven is punctual but my hot date just got a ride from a nice guy thanks cacey for the candy put clothes on the girafe and good bye susan.

Created by: Packdog27

  1. "but i know some day i'll make it out of here, even if it takes all night or a hundred years"
  2. "how many times do i have to tell you, even when you cry your beautifull too"
  3. "Ive got a lover for my heart, im not scared of the dark, youve never seen it look so easy."
  4. bump bump bump bump ba-na-na-na
  5. havana oh-na-na. half of my heart is in havana-oh-na-na. (this one might be too easy:)
  6. she has dreams to be an envy so she stalkin you know, cover girls aint nothin she says. beauty is pain and theirs beauty in everything. (sorry the words make no sense:)
  7. You cant ride in my ______. the front seats broken and the axels dragin'.
  8. if you like causin trouble up in hotell rooms, if you like havin a secret little rendezvous, if you like to do the things you shouldnt do, baby im _______.
  9. those _____, no fair, you realy know how to make me cry when you gimmie those _____. im scared. never fallen from quite this high, fallen into your _____. those _____.
  10. were going on a trip, in our favorite chocolate chip, zooming through the fries, little french fries.
  11. i have died every day waiting for you. darling dont be afraid i have loved you _____. i'll love you _____. and all along i belived i would find you. time has brought your heart to me and i have loved you _____. ill love you _____.
  12. last one. "this is my _____. take back my life song. prove that my right song. my power has turned on. starting right now ill be strong, ill play my _____. and i dont realy care what nobody else belives, cause ive still got a lot of fire left in me.

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