Do You Know the Lyrics to "A Thousand Years"?

Do you know the words to A Thousand Years??? I mean, Do you know all of them??!!! If you think you do, or if you're just bored, take this short quiz to find out!!!

Please comment, rate, and take my other quizzes because I work hard on every single one of them and I love making them. Ten stars if you love the Song "See You Again", in Fast and Furious 7!!!

Created by: Marissa_1234

  1. Heart beats _____
  2. _____ and _____
  3. How to be _____
  4. How can I love when I'm afraid to _____
  5. But watching you ____ alone
  6. All of my ____ suddenly goes away ______
  7. One step _____
  8. I have ____ every day, waiting for you
  9. _____ don't be _____
  10. I have loved you for a _____ years, I'll love you for a _____ more
  11. _____ stands still
  12. _____ in all she is
  13. I will be _____
  14. I will not ____ anything take away, what's standing in front of me
  15. Every ____
  16. Every ___ has come to this
  17. Chorus?
  18. And all along I ____ I would find you
  19. ______ has brought your heart to me
  20. Main part??
  21. Another chorus??
  22. Another one??

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Quiz topic: Do I Know the Lyrics to "A Thousand Years"?