What PBEMDAS operation are you?

Whitch one of the order of operations are you? do you like math? (dont worry. this quiz has no math whatsoever) you can be positive, negative, or that cool kid in the school.

"you can be more than you imagine. you may think that you are one thing, but then some quiz created by packdog 27 proved you wrong. " quote somebody that uses the internet.

Created by: Packdog27

  1. are you happy most of the time, or sad?
  2. okay guys! sushi for the rest of your life.
  3. hey! an ailien took all of the icecream and took it to the sun!
  4. a meateor apeared.
  5. do you like math?
  6. whitch game?
  7. whitch would you make art with? (gusulam fugaki dion vas)
  8. A tree is growing in your back yard next to your swing set and slide.
  9. pick one.
  10. Last question. will you like comment and reveiw? (this is CDC recommended) lol

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Quiz topic: What PBEMDAS operation am I?