What Animal Suits You Best?

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I would have added more animals but the quiz won’t let me. This is my firs quiz and I hope you guys like it. Please please please comment what you think.

I need feedback positive or negative because I want to improve for you guys. Thanks so much for taking this and I hope you at least kinda enjoy it!! Bye!!

Created by: Lia
  1. Do you have a desire for power?
  2. What is your element?
  3. How do you feel about people in general?
  4. Are you a person who likes horror movies?
  5. Favorite color
  6. Blood and gore?
  7. Morning or night
  8. Siblings?
  9. Do you have lots of friends?
  10. How would your friends describe you.
  11. Last question. So you consider yourself accomplished.

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Quiz topic: What Animal suits me Best?