Do you know the amendments?

So welcome to law school...well not law school but good enough so this quiz is to test how much you know on the amendments. Most you might not know so it might....

.....might be hard but it all depends on how much you know. But dont worry you might learn something new. But be careful some of the answers are fake. Just a heads up

Created by: andrew d

  1. What are the first 10 amendments called?
  2. Which one gives us freedom of speech?
  3. What right is given to us in the 4th amendment?
  4. Which amendment changed the voting age to 18?
  5. What year was the first amendment written?
  6. What did the 13th amendment do?
  7. How many amendments are there?
  8. Whats amendment 4?
  9. Which one doesnt allow a president to be elected more than twice?
  10. What does amendment 11 say?

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Quiz topic: Do I know the amendments?