Freedoms and Rights

There are lost of people who know about our Freedoms and Rights. Although do you!!!!! Why don't you take my awesome test to find out my friend. And please make sure you don't chicken out of this okay???? Anyway good luck to you my friend.....

Are YOU a master when it comes to James Madison,Freedoms and Rights, and the Bill of Rights!!!!! WEll if your wondering then just take my little test I made espiecally for you so you'll find out.

Created by: Cameron Kuro Alli

  1. Label true or false for the following six questions. It took the states less than two years to accept the Bill of Rights.
  2. James Madison helped form the Bill of Rights.
  3. The Bill of Rights became part of the U.S. Constitution at the Constitutional Convention.
  4. The states approved 12 amendments.
  5. Some states would not approve the Constitution without the Bill of Rights.
  6. The Bill of Rights is a permanent part of the Constitution.
  7. Write the matching amendment number in The Bill of Rights for each statement. Police believe you have a stolen car in your garage. They cannot search for it without a warrant.
  8. The army cannot put a soldier in your home, without your permission.
  9. You cannot be assigned a church to attend.
  10. A man is accused of a crime. He refuses to answer any questions.
  11. Police officers carry weapons.
  12. Each state sets its own rules about when a person can get a driver's license.

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