How Good Are You In Math?

There are many smart people but only a few wizards. As in wizard I mean exceptionally good in math. If you know how to figure out math problems then you are good for this quiz.

Think your a wizard? Think again until you take this quiz. There is some opinion where there is only one correct answer. Do you think you have what it takes to A'ce this test?

Created by: keller003

  1. 12x10-(5+7)=
  2. 67-12+7x10-(9-8)=
  3. 2345x67=
  4. 76+8x3=
  5. 7+8x(1+2)=
  6. 23x34=
  7. 67-5+2x10=
  8. 1234x5678=
  9. 45+6x3
  10. 7x8
  11. Are you enjoying this quiz?
  12. What is your favorite subject?

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Quiz topic: How Good am I In Math?