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There are many smart people, but not many are as smart as Al Gore. Al Gore, afterall, is quite a really good fuzzy math smart guy. You could be like him someday, He is able to solve complex problems such as global warming and see the world through his own made up point of view.

So are YOU Al Gore? Well I really hope not. But you could be really smart when it comes to Journalism, so take this test and see how you do. These are left over questions from previous tests taken, and should help you in the long run!!

Created by: rebecca

  1. The Tool used to locate information in a computer database is a
  2. The so called "Digital Divide" refers to the fact that
  3. THe term MULTIMEDIA means...
  4. According to the Pew Research Center, which of the following groups in American society has the lowest percentage of people using the Internet Regularly?
  5. Advertisers use a formula based on the cost of reaching ___ to determine where to run their ads
  6. The Federal Trade Commission
  7. Which of the following is NOT true of television commercials?
  8. The word advertise originally meant
  9. In a practice adopted from radio, early television programs usually
  10. In the 1800's, many readers complained about
  11. In the 1800s most media owners response to consumer complaints about advertising was to
  12. Small local businesses like Martha's Quality Meats tend to spend most of their local advertising dollars on ___ advertising
  13. On the Internet, the "click-through" rate is

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