Your Fragon Story part 2

The time has come for part two. the knightmare died the first time, but at the cost of all of his servan's life, he was resurected. it is up to you to stop him.

now. there is one result that may offend you, but it is meant to be funny, not ofensive. it literaly says, "im just kidding XD. but you still *******"

Created by: Packdog27

  1. ummm... GRUDGEN CAN PICK UP A SEMI!?!
  2. describe the town after the fight with the knightmare. (the quiz results will say how the fight ended.)
  3. describe earth now.
  4. what is the best country?
  5. Name a fragon holiday.
  6. How often do your relatives die?
  7. favorite color? (almost no efect)
  8. so, the knightmare is resurected by his servants. what do you do?
  9. yer Fwigerata is wuning. i fink ya shouwd go catch it.
  11. do you think the knightmare died?

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Quiz topic: My Fragon Story part 2