Your Fragon story. (part 1)

Fragons. Fairy dragon creatures that live together on their own planet. ladys, i prezent to you: the fragon story quiz, part one. you are going to love this!


Created by: Packdog27

  1. You are an egg. you hatch, and you are a dragon with special powers. your mother calls you moshta. Kepala Randria, (mom) senses that you are in grave danger. what do you do?
  2. your mother throws you into a pile of rocks. purpleish-black rocks. you can somehow go through them. your mother throws you off to another planet. what do you do inside the asteroid?
  3. you wake up as a human. a baby girl. you are taken into an abandoned orphanage. nobody comes for 30,000 years. then, a woman with brown hair comes in. she calls you Josslin Davison. you are taken into a little town. describe the town.
  4. years later, you go to a weird and wacky school. you meet 2 boys. Grudgen, and Corales. grudgen asks you if you know anything about Creatures called Fragons. you cant remember anything. you still belive you are human. what do you think he meant by fragon?
  5. at night a horse made of stars part of the moon comes to your window."why, my child. it has been 30,000 years scince i last saw you.""what do you mean? who are you?""i am Kepala Randria. i am your mother.""no! im not a... human... dragon... horse... thing.""that is what you think. i will awaken your power. your knowledge. your strenght. i will let you know, you must come back to Fragonia for 100 years. time will not pass on earth. hop on my back." she says as you hop on her back. what is the first thought that comes to your mind?
  6. you land on a planet called Fragonia. it is somehow... familiar. you notice you are walking on four legs, and the horse lady turned into a light blue dragon with transparent wings made of dark blue crystals. you had become a purple dragon with wings of dark purple. you take a school for fragons. you learn all about them.
  7. 1. fragons have types.2. you will get a test done by pricking your finger with a machine and that will become a marker like thing. when you color on a paper with it, the paper will change color.3. there are 4 legendarie fragons of fire, water, earth, and thunder.thats it thank you 4 the class.
  8. your paper is rainbow. the other kids have red, blue, green, orange, purple. but you have rainbow. you tell the teacher, and she marks on the back of your paper, "in need of research. rainbow is all, and that is impossible." you are taken to a hospital, and they prick your finger 100 times, same result every time. at night, you are laying in the hospital bed on a night with a full moon. you fall asleep. Grudgen is there. you... lied... to... meeeee! the voice echoes through the entire night. you wake up on the floor. youare dirty. your claws have marks on them. you see that the T.V. is on. the fire legendary, Charxo is talking."last night, there was a full moon, and y'all know what that means." what do you think he means?
  9. it means we become our beast forms. i dont remember mutch, but... i saw something like us, but... white. a white beast with purple eyes, and dark blue hair. it was a girl. it looked like the girl in the prophecy...
  10. you get out of bed. the doctors had given up and let you go back to school. you see a boy named lorelo. he is crying. you talk to him. he has his paper on his lap. it is completely black.''do you know what this means? it means i am an evil type. kids are laughing at me... calling me Darkness.''
  11. you are sucked back to earth and you are in your bed."waaait untill youuu arrrre in high schooool. yoou and the wolf king along with the others will defeat evil that isnt there. you must marry before highschool though.''
  12. Grudgen introduces himself as the werewolf king. scince his father died, he took his place as king. Corales introduced himself as the most powerfull merman there is. lorelo said he would get revenge on darkness, and you have some memory of... a .... Partaka boy.

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Quiz topic: My Fragon story. (part 1)