Are You The Main Character or The Best Friend?

In a movie, the main character almost always has a cool sidekick. But which are you? The confident and creative one who always takes the lead or the one who is always relied on and has sheer bravery and coolness?

Take this quiz and you will discover your place on the big screen. Your result may uncover many things about your personality. Oh, and...if you don't like Doctor Who, don't look at the results pictures.

Created by: Lana
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  1. How much do you value your friends?
  2. In a difficult situation, are you most likely to take the lead or support the leader?
  3. You are walking through a wood. Is it calm and peaceful or full of colour and noise?
  4. Could you sit down without moving or doing anything for an extended period of time?
  5. Do you tend to follow your heart or your head?
  6. Do you tend to notice little things about people? For example, small traits like always wearing a particular pair of earrings, or doing the same thing in all disagreements?
  7. Red or black. Quick. Choose.
  8. You are walking along a street and see a box lying open on the ground. What is in it?
  9. Would you rather live further inland or on the coast?
  10. If love and fun could be grown on trees, which tree would you pick from?

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