How well do you know the legend of zelda Ocarina of time?

How well do you know The legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time? do you even play the game? maybee you have played as the characters in super smash bros? do you know it?

also, there is a question in here that refers to the buttons on your device. i play the 3ds remake, so the buttons on the Ocarina are different. if you are 100% shure your answer is right, and you get it wrong, let me know in the coments. likd coment and reveiw.

Created by: Packdog27

  1. So, just so you know, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is a long game, so this quiz may be long. now, i have actualy beat the game myself, but this quiz is going to start out easy and become harder as it goes. Are you okay with that?
  2. so, first question. the player is: green dude. green hat, green clothes, what is his default name?
  3. next question. you encounter a nice (and anoying) fairy. what is her name?
  4. so, green dude walks out of his house, and meets a girl named:
  5. now, green dude is asked to go where?
  6. Green dude is blocked by mido. mido tells him to get two items. what is the first item?
  7. What is the 2nd Item?
  8. Now, after green dude gets these items, he enters the deku tree. what is the most important item he gets?
  9. What is the Boss's name?
  10. After beating the boss, green dude gets something. what is it?
  11. Green dude is now alowed to leave the forest. he is greated by his friend, but i dont want to say her name, because if i do, you might go back to the 4th queston, and change it. well, she gives him something.
  12. Green dude meets Zelda and looks through the window. who does he see?
  13. green dude talks to impa and learns Zelda's lulaby. what are the keys? note: for the N64, A=L, up=R Right=A down=Y left=X. tell me if im wrong.
  14. After obtaining the bomb bag, green dude can now:
  15. Darunia gives green dude another stone. what is it called?
  16. now, this is just my opinion, but i think goron's are realy stupid. ask me why.
  17. because they eat rocks, they are starving, and their whole place is made of rocks. also, in the fire temple, the gorons are locked in cages, and in the cage is a chest with a key in it.
  18. now, im going to skip ahead to when green dude is an adult. what monster roams hyrule castle town at night?
  19. Now, who is the sage of the forest?
  20. who is the sage of fire?
  21. who is the sage of water?
  22. who is the sage of shadow? (or whatever)
  23. who is the sage of spirit?
  24. who is the 7th sage?
  25. the Triforce of power belongs to:
  26. the Triforce of Courage belongs to:
  27. the Triforce of Wisdom belongs to:

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the legend of zelda Ocarina of time?