the EEVEE test, yo.

Do you know pokemon? more specifically, do you know eevee? how mutch do you know? or, are you a fraud? lets put your mind to the test. the test about eevee!

now, if you look any of this stuff up, that automaticaly gives you a 0%. it doesnt mater if you only look up one thing. 0% for cheaters. i want this test to be fun.

Created by: Packdog27

  1. Eevee is a pokemon in what catigory?
  2. Eevee is a ____ type.
  3. Eevee has every one of these evolutions except ____.
  4. is their a gang in any reigion that has a trainer that uses eevee? (team rocket, team magma, team skull, ect)
  5. Eevee is considred the _____ pokemon in the world.
  6. whitch move can eevee not learn?
  7. What color is eevees neck?
  8. what real life animal is eevee based off of?
  9. What generation was eevee released?
  10. eevee has a ____ tail.
  11. Eevee is ____'s favorite pokemon. (its the 1st one)
  12. To evolve eevee into a leafeon, you have to ___.
  13. eevee can evolve into ___ different things.
  14. eevee is common in kalos in a certain spot.
  15. last one. does eevee like it when you like comment and reveiw on packdog27's quizes? (its the first one.)

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