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  • "How does it feel? Would you comfort me, yeah? Would you cry with me, yeah? Oh, oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh "
  • "I just wanna scream and loose control throw my hands up and let it go forget about everything and run away, yeah I just"
  • "I also believe the books are better and i was dissapointed when they never added the memories from the half blood- but anyways part 2... The..."
  • "Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick Hoot (I am a really big fan of the book and movie) The name of this book is secret (Really! Tha"
  • "Avril Lavigne Breaking Benjamin Linkin Park All American rejects Flyleaf Paramore 3 Days Grace"
  • Flyleaf Fans
    "I am a big fan of flyleaf, and i think it would be cool if i could check out some other people that like flyleaf. So post what you like or d..."
  • "Rob Pattinson Leonardo Decaprio Orlando Bloom (OH YEAH!) Drake Bell"
  • "the guys name in the movie was Fenre'r Greyback. He was a werewolf. I am not sure what is REAL name is in reality, but that was his part. I ..."
  • "vampires suck, was awesome. Um... dracula was good too."
  • "ok- me and my friends do this all the time. First, i start off with a short story, and then i leave it cut in the middle, so no one knows wh..."
  • What have i become?
    "I started off normal Everyone stood together until i dared to break away i wanted to be me now all anyone see's "
  • Can't see the light?
    "Are you called negative at what choices you make? Whether from choosing to walk your dog on a sunny day to choosing a school? Are you critic..."
  • "Music is my life. Without it, my life would suck more than i already think it does. :) Is music a huge part of your life? How is it importan..."
  • "P.s... this forum is for people with ALL likes in music, which means if you like something other than most of the bands being listed, start ..."
  • "Well, dear pkiera75, Anastasia, tomboykaitie, and tongue- i think it is awesome that you finally found a genre or a mix of genres that suit ..."

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