Fun ADD On story for all people

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Thread Topic: Fun ADD On story for all people

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    ok- me and my friends do this all the time. First, i start off with a short story, and then i leave it cut in the middle, so no one knows what happens next. The last word on the stories paragraph, will be the one you latch onto. Ex. the word is THEN
    you could put- THE
    then the next person who gets on this forum could put- DISEASED
    and the next person after that could put-
    and so on, and so on! you can only put ONE WORD though. This story never ends!
    Ok- here is your short story.
    I was walking through the woods quietly when i saw a chest, sitting beside a small pond in a clearing. My feet and heart accelerated as i began to fly foward toward the chest, eager to see what was inside. i jiggled the lock until it finally broke off, and i was able to open the chest. I gasped, for the thing inside was completely gruesome. It was a...
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