Can't see the light?

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Thread Topic: Can't see the light?

  • lorelie Novice
    Are you called negative at what choices you make? Whether from choosing to walk your dog on a sunny day to choosing a school? Are you criticized my family, friends, or random people? Do you keep your bedroom door shut and you read, draw, or do something alone because you like to keep to yourself? this is normal i suppose. you are either shy, sorrowful, or sad. But- heres my advice- the ones who think you are freakin awesome- are the ones you should probably be with. And the reason why others do make you feel this way (If you aren't shy and just depressed and such) is because they have different tastes than you do, making them think everything you do is wrong. Well it's NOT. it's perfectly right! (Unless you are a murderer. ;) You are so extremely different in a good way- others can't help but think it's wrong! But- this only proves that u are totally awesome, and if you are still alive when reading this- completely strong! Now, if you are shy and others do this- it is probably because of the same reasons, whether you are depressed or not. You don't have to go outside your comfort zone to please others. just be who you are and pass by the ones who want you to be someone you aren't.
    This has been advice Forum 1- Can't see the light?
    By- Your soulfull goth girl, Lorelie
    P.S. need advice? On anything? go ahead and ask here and i will come up with a new forum thread on that topics as soon as possible.
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    xVaMpIrEx Advanced
    Nice, I agree. :D
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    I agree completely.

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